Taking Advantage Of Today’s Interior Design Tools

Jul 14, 2016 by

Taking Advantage Of Today’s Interior Design Tools

In the past, the process of interior design involved creating large boards filled with photographs, carpet samples, fabric samples, sketches, and other physical items. Today, thanks to the introduction of digital technology, the process of planning an interior design project has become far more streamlined. Experimenting with different layouts and colors usually involves little more than the click of a mouse.

Today’s interior design tools make the process of designing your space incredibly easy and efficient. There is no need to labor for hours over a design board, cutting out fabric samples and gluing them down. Instead, you can play around with different fabrics, paint colors, and flooring options with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. This allows you to try out a lot of different looks in your space to determine what is going to fit the best. A little tweak here and a minor adjustment there can help you create a beautiful space that you absolutely love.

There are countless different types of software programs available that can help. Usually, a good starting point is to use a floor planning program to decide on an overall layout for the room. These programs allow you to input the dimensions of your room, marking out any windows or doorways. This can allow you to digitally move furniture around the room to find the best overall layout. You can experiment with a number of different options to figure out which layout makes the most efficient use of the space.

Other programs allow you to fine tune the details of the design. For instance, some programs will allow you to upload a photograph of the empty room that you are planning on decorating. From there, you can change the wall color, or add furniture to the space. This makes it possible to virtually rearrange your room countless times until you find an overall design that you are happy with. You can also play around with different lighting options and add decorative accessories to your design.


Today’s interior design apps are also quite impressive. One relatively new advancement is a type of app that allows you to virtually design your space with actual furniture that you can purchase. This app has you take a photograph of your room with an object such as a magazine in it that it can use to judge the overall size of the space. From there, you can insert furniture from a catalog into the space. The app automatically extrapolates the correct size for the furniture based on the size of the magazine in the photograph. You can then rotate the furniture in three dimensions and move it around the space to try it out in different positions in the room.

These tools can also be extremely beneficial as you work with clients. In many cases, you can come up with a beautiful digital design that you can print out and show to them to give them an idea of the overall finished look. This can help you get final approval for your project before you begin work. Best of all, it can allow the homeowner to spot any problems with the design before you get the project underway. That way, you can make any necessary changes in advance so that you don’t wind up including something in the design that the homeowner doesn’t want.

Of course, at some point, you will also want to order fabric samples, paint samples, and flooring samples so that you can see the actual colors together in person. However, having the option to use digital interior design tools can make the process of arriving at your final color scheme and layout far easier.

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Signs Of A Great Certified Interior Designer

Jun 22, 2016 by

home design


Tired of looking at the same space again and again without any change? It can become dull to walk into your house or property and not like what you see. You want change, and that is what a certified interior designer can bring into the fray.


Let’s take a look at what an excellent interior designer is going to do for your home or property.


Residential And Commercial Designs

The designs that you are going for have to be in sync with the quality that is available. You never want to feel like the residential quality is not going to be there. This is where you have to be careful. The interior designer is going to focus on everything and look at all properties with the same keen eye.

This is the passion and specialized approach you need with an interior designer. You will feel comfortable when meeting with a person that can bring this to the table for you.


Space Planning

The space is just an area in the property. You want it to have a personality and something that is going to define what the room is all about. Without proper space planning, you have open spaces that are not going to do much for you or those who get a peek.

You want to get the interior designer to come in and start rummaging through the options that are in front of them.

This service is going to do more than that and is going to set up a proper plan for you to approve and get going on.

Setup Permit Drawings

The permit drawings are needed before you can move ahead with the project. Interior designers are trained to provide these drawings, and that is what they are educated on. You will not only have these drawings customized for you after looking at what you want (i.e. features, colors, themes), it is going to be made in a legalized manner that is efficient.

You want this with a good interior designer because that is going to let you feel comfortable about who is working in your property and the suggestions they are making. It will lay it all out for you to follow and approve.

Full Consultation

The consultation is going to be done on the spot as soon as the appointment is made. You will have the team come in and look at what you need to have done. They will account for what you are saying has to be done and then are going to mention what they feel is best.

All of this is going to come under one umbrella because that is essential in the long-term.

They will know you need a full consultation, and that is provided immediately.

Suggested Plans And Furniture

You don’t want to go with someone that is not able to create plans for your needs. A suggested plan is a must and is something you will receive with this interior designer. The goal is to make sure you are getting a full look at the layout that is going to be prescribed for your property.

It is going to include the colors, themes, looks, and furniture that is going to be put in. All of it comes together under one umbrella.

This is the power of a great certified interior designer in this day and age. You don’t need to go with anyone else when you are looking to find someone that has the quality required to provide value. When you call this interior designer in, you will know the results are going to be incredible.

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Buyer’s Guide To Eco Timber Decking

Jun 8, 2016 by


Are you planning to make improvements to the exterior of your home? An outdoor deck can prove to be an excellent addition. Not only does an outdoor deck provide additional functionality, but it also increases your home’s value. This is perfect especially if you plan on selling it in the future.

One of the biggest considerations for an outdoor deck is the material to be used. If you like the look of timber but do not want to deal with its upkeep, then you should consider composite timber. In this article you will know more information about eco timber decking and why you should put it high on your list for your outdoor deck material.


What is Composite Timber?

Composite timber is created by bonding plastics and fibreglass together. The resulting material is extremely sturdy. In addition, composite timber is resistant to stain and moisture. This means you do not need to worry about rigorous maintenance typically associated with natural timber. It’s also an environment-friendly alternative. It helps prevent plastics and other waste materials from filling the landfills. Many homeowners using composite decking feel happy knowing that they can enjoy the many benefits of composite timber while helping the environment at the same time.


Choosing the Right Eco Timber Decking

To make sure that you are buying a sustainable material, the first thing to look at is the product specifications. At the very least, pick composite timber with at least 50% of recycled plastic. This information may not be readily available, so be sure to ask the supplier or manufacturer. It’s also important to ask whether the product is produced regionally. Composite timber decking manufactured far from your region may not be worthy of being given sustainability points.

The above tips may entail doing a bit of meticulous research. However, it’s an important step in ensuring that you are contributing to the green movement. Choosing composite decking with a high percentage of recycled material helps prevent polluting the waterways and filling the landfills. It also helps in putting less strain on the forests as less natural timber needs to be harvested.


Why Choose Composite Timber for Your Outdoor Deck?

As mentioned earlier, composite timber offers plenty of advantages over its natural counterpart. It’s more cost-effective, and you can get huge discounts if you buy at a wholesale price. You will also surely appreciate the fact that this material requires little to no maintenance. It doesn’t need to be stained and sealed regularly unlike natural timber. It is termite and rot resistant as well. Indeed, a simple wash is all that’s needed to maintain composite timber.

Composite timber also doesn’t lag when it comes to style. There are plenty of colours and textures to choose from. Most of which are inspired by real timber. This gives you a lot of freedom to choose the best material that fits the overall style of your home.

By now, you should have a thorough understanding of why composite timber is among the most popular choices in terms of outdoor decking. It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly and stylish to boot. Be sure to take a closer look at composite timber and see whether it’s the best option for your home’s outdoor landscape.

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Home Interior Architecture Tips

May 27, 2016 by


There are countless different ways to go about decorating a home. One of the best ways is to play up your house’s interior architecture. Drawing attention to unique architectural details inside your home can help create a one-of-a-kind space that is warm and welcoming while still having plenty of visual interest.

Even if you live in a relatively plain home, chances are there are architectural elements inside your space that could be made more prominent through the right decorating techniques. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the architecture inside your home so that you can create a beautiful space that you love.

1. Use paint to draw attention to trim or molding. Many houses have unique trim or molding around the edges of the room or around the door frame. If you have any type of interesting molding in your home, you can use paint to draw attention to it. A good way to do this is by painting it a contrasting color rather than by leaving at the same color as the walls. In most cases, white is a good choice unless your walls are also white. White trim creates a crisp, clean look that draws attention to architectural elements in the room such as doorways, arches, and window frames. Crown molding that is painted white can also draw the eye upward, helping to create the illusion of taller ceilings.

2. Create your own architectural details. Even if your house is currently lacking in interesting architectural details, you can add your own relatively easily. For instance, framing a door frame with beautiful wooden trim can instantly add visual interest to the space. Likewise, replacing a boring mantle with a unique tile or brick fireplace can be a fantastic way to create a focal point in the room. Browse through decorating magazines and clip out some of your favorite architectural details. Brainstorm ways that you can cheaply and easily incorporate the same details into your own home without actually having to alter the architecture of your space.

3. Choose the right window coverings. Oftentimes, some of the most interesting architectural elements of any home are the windows. Make sure to accent them in a positive way by choosing the right window coverings. Heavy draperies or other types of window coverings may block out the light or obscure the view of a beautiful set of windows. Instead, choose blinds, shades, or shutters that enhance the windows rather than hiding them.

These are just a few different ways that you can play up your home’s interior architecture. Don’t be afraid to play around with different looks until you find something that works for your space. The more attention you can draw to the unique elements of your home, the more attractive and inviting your living space will become. After all, no one wants to live in a plain, boring box. Instead, everyone dreams of living in a home that has beautiful architecture and amazing decorative details.

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The Art Of Home Interior Design

Apr 13, 2016 by

home design

In this day and age, it is a well-known fact that everyone wants to have an ideal home atmosphere that is made in the style a person desires. Most individuals feel they want it, but it mostly calls for artistic vision, talent and flexible thinking in order to achieve it.

Well, decorating your house is one excellent way of expressing your individuality and personal style. Even though it can be a daunting procedure that calls for a lot of enthusiasm, in the end, you will realize that it’s an experience that can benefit you in a lot of ways. A home should not be just a functional space; it should also be a place to relax, somewhere to have fun as well as a place where you can reflect all aspects of your personality to the world.

Today, the market has an array of products that can be used for home decoration as well as information and advice for the same. Such information can be found in magazines, books, the internet, television and much more. With all this information at your disposal, it can be both easy and hard to find a theme or a style that suit’s your personality and rhymes with your house design.

Home decoration is mostly done when moving into a new house, but it can also be conducted when you are no longer fond of the current style. When decorating a room, you need to ask yourself this question: what is the purpose of this space? Space shouldn’t serve a single purpose or activity; it can also be arranged to offer a particular mood.  Finding the accessories and furniture to fit that space should be your second concern. An excellent way to learn your preferences is by visiting a local furniture and accessories shop. If you wish yo combine your preferred style and the room’s position, then you should go through home decorations books or even surf the net. I would say that the best way to decorate your house is by having a clear plan in mind at all times. This way, you will avoid purchasing items that look good, but can’t fit in their respective spaces.

It can be very tempting to go with decorations that are fashionable, which often goes beyond your budget. Some pieces trend a lot, but fade very fast, while there are others that last for years. If a piece is made of natural materials, with clear lines and incorporates some traditional design aspects, then it’s a classic and will last longer. On the other hand, if a piece of furniture is made of synthetic materials, has undesirable colors, then it isn’t worth the money. Investing in quality furniture will certainly save you a lot of time and money. Ideally, it does not lose a lot of value when you sell it.

Learning the art of interior design will have you packing the best furniture pieces, alongside a stunning design that will impress everyone that enters your house.

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A Color Palette Of Choices For Living Room Paint Colors

Mar 17, 2016 by

living room

Living rooms are supposed to feel inviting, as not only are you spending plenty of time in there, but so are people you invite to your home. Whenever people show up, do you take them to your kitchen? No, what about the bathroom or your bedroom? No, guests arrive and spend time in the main living room. So if you’re thinking about painting it red or black, you might want to think again. Seriously though, let’s get to some colors that would make your living room look good.

Colors do reflect mood, which is why you might not want the red or black living room. What colors come to mind when you think about your mood when in your living room? One popular spread of colors is earthly tones, which are your browns and off-greens. These earthly tones are relaxing, neutral and can be themed with all kinds of furniture to create whatever type of living room atmosphere that you want.

If you want a paint that really stands out, I understand. I would too in many ways, my chief choice being green. A dark green would of course be the more appropriate color, and I actually painted my living room this color at one time. However, I realize that there are other better choices, and this next one is the color I want to try next.

Have you ever thought about painting your living room burgundy? I’ve liked burgundy for quite some time now, and I always said I would paint my library that color. Well, I have plenty of books, but I live in a 450 square foot condo that I own. I’m not going to have a library. So, that means since I like this color so much, it might make a good color for a living room. You have to watch though and make sure that you don’t pick a burgundy shade that is too close to red.

What other color do you think of when it comes to relaxation? I can think of one really good one right now, blue. You don’t want to be blue and down in the dumps though, so no really bold blues. And, you don’t want to make your living room look like a primary school, so no basic solid blue color for your wall. Think of what blue shades would make the living room feel more warm and cozy, yet decorative at the same time.

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Interior Design Ideas for a Living Room

Oct 23, 2015 by

Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. For many, however, the living room follows close behind. This is a special room where you spend quality time with your family playing games, watching TV or having interesting conversations. Creating a space that is not only comfortable, but that can accommodate a number of people can help make the room as functional as possible.

The following interior design ideas for a living room should help you create a one-of-a-kind space where you and your family will love to spend time:

  1. Bring the outdoors in

  2. Take a cue from nature and bring a touch of the outdoors into your interior space. Try incorporating furniture made from unfinished wood or wicker into the design. The natural wood colour will help create a sense of the outdoors. You can scatter plants throughout the space to add to the theme. Finish by hanging nature inspired artwork on the walls such as a series of botanical prints or a beautiful landscape painting.

  3. Don’t be afraid of prints

  4. Most people play it safe when it comes to their living room design; they stick with neutral colours and solid coloured fabrics. However, you can add a lot of character to the space by choosing the right prints. This can be accomplished through adding accessories such as throw pillows and area rugs, or you can take it to the next level and choose furniture that is covered with printed fabric. Either way, the patterns will enhance the space and help give your home character.

  5. Consider cottage style

  6. If you want to create a comfortable, relaxing space, cottage style decor is one of the best ways to accomplish this. What is nice about this decorating style is that it is casual enough that your family and guests will feel at ease in the room. At the same time, however, it is filled with charm and character, which makes it easy to create a beautiful space. Try incorporating shabby chic details such as distressed furniture, vintage mirrors, mismatched planters or decorative vases.

  7. Use old photographs for decoration

  8. Do you have an old drawer or photo album filled with photos from your past? If so, dig through them to find some of the photos that you treasure most. Take these photos to a lab to have them transformed into black and white prints that you can hang on your wall. Put each photo in a simple frame and group them together to create a beautiful look. This is a fantastic way to breathe new life into old, forgotten photos.

  9. Add pops of colour

  10. Just because you love colour doesn’t mean you need to buy a fire engine red couch. Instead, you can purchase neutral pieces and then add pops of colours through your accessories. This way you can frequently change up the look of the room simply by changing your accessories.

    Hopefully these interior design ideas will give your living room a new look to turn it into an amazing space that you, your family and friends will love.

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